Spy5 Agents

  • Crystal Clear

    A clear vision and a pure heart. Love and compassion. Guiding values like these can create a super hero out of the smallest of persons. With this purest energy and the help of her crystal locator, one agent finds those in need.And one agent saves them. They say "never judge a book by its cover", but special agents everywhere agree: "never judge an agent by her size".Her power is clear - Crystal Clear.

  • Maxx Risk

    What is life without a little risk?
    Where some fear it, there is one who believes certain ideals are worth the risk. No mountain is too high, and no river too wide to keep him from helping others - literally. When others say no, or shake in fear, this agent is pure rocket power... primed and ready to go!
    Sometimes, it takes MAXIMUM RISK to complete a mission.
    Sometimes it takes... MaxxRisk.

  • Sonic Shadow

    Serenity and focus. Determination. If the cause is just, action's a must. Around the world, problems must be solved. Victims must be helped. There is no time to lose.
    SHE is out to save the world!
    She is a blur in the shadows, a ripple in the wind. With sonic speed and a no-nonsense attitude, one agent always gets the job done.
    Codename... Sonic Shadow.

  • Checkmate

    Math. Physics. Engineering. Programming. Languages. Nothing is out of reach when you put the full power of your mind to work. Every great team is supported by a great mind. But the GREATEST team has to be supported by the GREATEST mind. Einstein, Newton, Curie... those scientists could only aspire to this level of intelligence. Renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking listens to lectures from HIM.
    Even world-famous chess master Kasparov dared to challenge him to a game, but he learned you cannot win against the GREATEST mind of our time. A twelve-year-old boy.

  • KC Legend

    Not everyone achieves the title "Legend". Fewer still receive that title as a kid. Some of the accomplished few are considered prodigies in math or science. Others, such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin, composed classical music when most are just learning to write. We study these gifted individuals in school - but those who are truly legendary? Those feats rarely make the books.
    'Legendary' can be found in each of us. No super powers or outrageous IQs necessary - only a pure determination to do what is right. That is what drove a young boy to becoming one of the greatest secret agents in all of history.
    A legend.
    KC Legend.